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Touch ups

Artus Solutions repairs, improves and reconditions most interior surfaces of yachts. Our experience from 2005 and the cooperation with well known shipyard companies allow us to offer and guarantee a high quality standard on a vast range of surfaces. 

Touch up and high quality reconditioning 


With the professionalism of our technicians we offer services for the highest demands. We work with the latest technologies and use self-developed product combinations that are superior to the materials available on the market.

This allows us to repair optimally all types of surfaces. We can achieve almost any colour shade for any surface, in such a way that the repair is visually imperceptible.


ARTUS also offers annual maintenance of high quality surfaces at the top end of the design range, such as hotels and aircraft..  

*Due to our nondisclosure agreements, we do not show or provide any sort of information of our clients and their objects.

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