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Porcelanic repair

High-quality surface repair.

At Artus Solutions we repair a wide variety of flaws with different characteristics, making our own products and always offering the highest quality.

Porcelanic and quartz compounds - Natural wood and laminates - Aluminium and PVC profiles - Leather - Touch up – Ask for other surfaces.

Artus Solutions is a subsidiary of ARTUS Oberflächen Instandsetzung GmbH in Spain. We are dedicated to the repairs of any kind of surface since 2005. We are located in Barcelona and we provide services all over Spain. At Artus Solutions we have repaired a large amount of damages, developing our own products and offering the utmost quality.

Trough our experience, the application of our techniques on different types of surfaces, as well as diferent kinds of defects and damages, our technicians have the ability to correct and repair said damages. This is possible thanks to a continous training in all kind of materials as well as the combination of colours to achieve any tonality. A repair can only be perfect when the colours are mixed perfectly. Every repair is trated individually at the location of our client, where the surface to be repaired is located, having in consideration the incidence of light, providing then an unique solution to each repair.


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