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            HIGH QUALITY REPAIRS                     

Maintain instead of replacing 

Think in sustainability 

 Save resources and money 

Act wisely

 Start inmediately instead of waiting 

Find a quick solution

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Why to choose us?

Trough our experience, the application of our techniques on different types of surfaces, as well as on diferent kinds of defects and damages, our technicians have the ability to correct and repair such damages. This is possible thanks to a continous training in all kind of materials as well as in the combination of colours to achieve any tonality. A repair can only be perfect when the colours are mixed perfectly. Every repair is trated individually, where the surface to be repaired is located, so that the incidence of light is also taken into account providing then a unique solution to each repair.


- More than 40.000 successful contracts signed.

- More than 60 skilled technicians on staff.

- Free enquiry.
- Highly experienced and continously trained technicians.
- Quality guaranteed.
- We produce our own products that are rigorously applied in our jobs.


- Quick response to your query.


- Inmediate assistance for claims under warranty period.


- Full disposal to solve any questions and queries. 


- Customer service line for any tipe of request. 

Artus Solutions lacado


Our products are fully commited with the environment.

With ARTUS SOLUTIONS you will save money and contribute to a better future .

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